November 19, 2018
  • 4:15 pm What Is A Solid-State Battery and Will They Solve Our Battery Life Problems?
  • 4:12 pm How Does 3D Printing Work?
  • 2:27 am The Amazfit Bip smartwatch: Just 1 with this exclusive code
  • 2:26 am The best Black Friday 2018 deals on Apple products: 50 iPad, 00 off Apple Watch and more!
  • 2:26 am Black Friday 2018 smartwatch and fitness tracker deals: 0 off Fitbit Versa, 0 off Apple Watch

Mobile technology is increasing in power exponentially, but battery tech isn’t keeping up. We’re reaching the physical limits of what conventional lithium-ion and lithium-polymer designs can do. The solution might be something called a solid-state battery. What’s A Solid-State Battery? In a conventional battery design—most commonly lithium-ion—two solid metal electrodes are used with a liquid […]


Picture a robot-controlled hot glue gun that uses plastic instead of glue, and you have the basics of a 3D printer. Strands of plastic are fed into a print head, which is heated up to melt the material. The print head moves around very precisely in three dimensions and drops lines of plastic onto the […]


  Welcome to Day 6 of CNET’s 10 Days of Deals! As we count down to Black Friday, I’m bringing you some of my favorite products at some seriously discounted prices.   The Amazfit Bip is an Apple Watch lookalike that’s more like a Pebble under the hood — and overall a pretty nice blend of the […]


In the market for Apple gear? You know what you’re getting into: premium prices, infrequent sales, small discounts. Ah, but Black Friday is coming, and that’s when absolutely everything goes on sale, right? Even Apple gear? In some cases, yes, there will be deals to be had. Below I’ve rounded up the best prices I […]


2018 may finally be the year you trade in your analogue watch for something a little smarter. Over the last few years wearable devices from companies like Apple, Fitbit and Garmin have become helpful tools that keep you connected while kicking your butt into shape. And with Black Friday deals like these, buying a smartwatch […]

Snap Spectacles 2, Nico and Veronica

Last month, Snap’s nifty Spectacles 2 video-recording sunglasses got a makeover — and a price bump. The new Nico and Veronica styles, which more closely resemble traditional sunglasses, hit the streets at 00. The original Spectacles 2 sell for 50. Like the new design but not the new price? You’re in luck: For a limited […]

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Now you can control your Spotify music from your wrist. Spotify on Wednesday announced its new app for Wear OS smartwatches. The app lets you pick a song or playlist, and pause, play or skip tracks on your smartwatch. That way you won’t have to pull out your phone in the middle of a jog […]

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If you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch Series 4, chances are you’ve already heard about its new EKG feature and fall detection, but hopefully you won’t have to use those two features on a daily basis. What you may use regularly are its fitness features. The Apple Watch Series 4 has added better training […]


Adding to its large portfolio of smartwatches and fitness bands targeted at specific sports such as running, triathlon, diving and golf, Garmin’s Instinct gets rugged for outdoor activity.  It incorporates hiking-friendly features like a three-axis compass, barometer/altimeter and support for multiple satellite systems — GLONASS and Galileo in addition to GPS — to minimize changes […]


Scooter company Lime is pulling some scooters from service worldwide because they can break apart while being ridden. The news comes a little more than a week after Lime yanked some scooters over concerns their batteries could catch fire. ‘We are actively looking into reports that scooters manufactured by Okai may break and are working […]